Recycling and Land Remediation

Recycling & Demolition

From the company’s early days the concept of recycling has been at the forefront of GF JobĂ­s practices. As well as the more recent ‘green’ and sustainability objectives being considered the underlying fact is that effective recycling can provide direct cost savings which will enhance the company’s profitability.

GF Job Limited have a range of recycling operations set up using a combination of SEPA licenced facilities and activities for inert construction materials which are registered as being exempt from the waste management regulations.

Below is a video of relating to earthworks carried out by G.F. Job

Our sites which are able to receive; soils, concrete rubble, road work excavations and general inert construction materials are as follows

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GF Job can also offer clients a service which provides a one stop service which may include; our earthworks plant carrying out site clearance works including demolition operations and on-site processing of excavated materials for re-use on site. Our fleet of haulage tippers are also on hand for the movement of materials to and from our recycling depots or to landfill sites and operate under our SEPA duty of care carrier licence.

Below is a video of demolition work being carried out by G.F. Job.

Land Reclamation & Remediation

Following GF Job Limited’s direct involvement in the successful remediation project of the former McDermot’s fabrication yard near Ardersier, a project which turned out to be the biggest of it’s kind in the north of Scotland, the company gained extensive experience, technical and working knowledge in land reclamation and remediation.

To compliment the company’s experience and knowledge, G.F. Job Limited have obtained a contaminated waste land remediation licence which enables the company to offer these services to clients for other sites which may be subject to contamination problems arising from; fuel oils, metals and other organics.

With each site presenting very unique challenges with regards to forming and obtaining approval for de-contamination strategies and permissions, prospective clients are encouraged to involve GF Job along with our environmental engineering consultants at an early stage in the project development and planning process.

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In addition to the land remediation works which are undertaken, G.F. Job are also experienced in land reclamation projects. Over the last 10 years this has included extensive works on waste landfill sites. The company have been successful in securing a number of the tendered contracts for the reinstatement of the City of Inverness’s former landfill site. Having been awarded the first of these contracts on 2003, the company went on to win another three tenders up to 2008. These works involved re-profiling the waste material, moving large quantities of over burden soils, installation of drainage and the capping of the site with a Geo-composite Clay Liner (GCL)and forming a 1.7km shoreline protection wall constructed using rock armour and landscaped sub soil.

Other notable land reclamation works have been the reinstatement of disused quarries or working quarries where material reserves in a worked out area of the quarry have been exhausted and land is being handed back to farming or forestry use.