Civil Engineering and Earthworks

Civil Engineering

G.F. Job Limited’s core business is focused on civil engineering, ground works and earth work projects. We have built a reputation for providing our loyal customer base with an excellent service and which delivers effective support and solutions. The management and workforce team at G.F. Job are highly qualified in both the technical and operational skills areas of civil engineering required by our customers and business.

The varied nature of the projects G.F. Job are experienced with include:

  • Private and public housing development infrastructure and plot works.
  • Drainage construction schemes.
  • Through our Lloyds water industry registration scheme (WIRS) accreditation provision of utility connections for new mains and associated services.
  • Concrete works including; reinforced foundations, floors and structures.
  • In partnership with our steel work sub contractor, steel portal frame building projects for sub stations, storage, office units and agricultural clients.
  • Coastal and river embankment erosion and harbour dredging works.
  • Landfill sites including; GC Liners, drainage and landscaping works.
  • Forestry access and timber extraction roads and stacking yards.
  • Highland Estates – including dams, access roads, on site quarry development and building works.
  • Landscaping works – including; pond construction, footpaths, “Greenspace” projects and planting schemes.

To support the company’s success with regards to ensuring we achieve an excellent service for our customers and clients the business and staff are backed up by a vital commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental policies and working standards along with an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Assurance scheme.


In support to the companyís civil engineering operations, private and public authority customers, we also provide a fully qualified team of personnel and well equipped plant fleet to undertake earthwork projects. The type of projects worked on include:

  • Enabling works for housing and commercial developments which are often started from a green field site.
  • Slope and embankment works following slips or ground movements
  • River and coastal erosion protection works
  • Dredging by excavation of harbours, rivers and ponds
  • Cut to fill operations and mass excavation works.
  • Quarry overburden removal and formation of landscaped soil bunds

In addition, the company also specialises in the business of supplying, transporting and the placement of rock armour. This service often requires an element of design services to be provided by G.F. Job to ensure the safe and structurally stable construction of; rock armour causeways, coastal protection walls, slope and embankment revetments and retaining walls.